Puppy News 

I am Caron Bell from Cumbria, I owned my first Keeshond in 1995. Bred my first litter in 1998.
I have bred 3 UK Champion Keeshonds and 30CC winners
I welcomed my first Finnish Lapphund into our family in 2012

In November 2016, I have the great pleasure of being added to the Foxifayre Affix with Beryl Henman and Gina Peterson. Since 1999 when I bought Bailey, Foxifayre Once In My Life Allforus we have been very close and even more so when we joined together to import Bobbi, Keestorpets Dazzler.

Breeding occasionally for health, type and temperament,
as part of The Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme
All our dogs undergo all health tests recommended by the KC and breed clubs and are DNA profiled
I am a member of Southern Finnish Lapphund Committee
and have served on both of The Keeshond club’s committees over the years
I award CC’s in Keeshond and on the A List for Finnish Lapphunds